The worst letters of songs in Eurovision

Believe it or not, Eurovision was set up to “stimulate the output of high-quality songs in the field of popular music” – not that you’d know from some of the corkers that have come out of the song contest to date.

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Greatest Player Rivalries In Sports

We make a small compilation of the best rivalries of the sport and we invite you to spend this afternoon the second-leg of the semi-final Champions League in The George Payne

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Legend of Leprechauns

one of the most famous personages of Ireland known in the whole world. It is part of Irish mythology and folklore. It is no more than 2-3 feet tall and they are fast and elusive pixies! It depends on the beers you carry on you, it will be even harder to capture them!

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Cool your beer in 5 minutes

Drinking cold beer is one of the most desired pleasures during the summer heat. But many times, we can not enjoy it because we do not have time to cool them enough or there is space in the fridge for so much junk food that you've been getting in the last three months.

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