Our favourites irish jokes

It's no secret that Irish jokes are famous for their humor, but which ones are the best? We bring you a collection of our favorites:

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Mucho Mojito at The George Payne

At TGP we not only sell the best Irish beers in Barcelona, ​​but we have a cocktail list for all tastes where the Latin star is the Mojito!

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5 things you did´nt know about beer

Beer is undoubtedly the best drink there is and the most consumed, 35 million hectolitres each year! But, despite what many people think, it is full of mystery. We told you 5 things that you sure did not know about her:

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Saint John Night in Barcelona

The day before the party of San Juan is an assured party, with all the bars and clubs doing parties of San Juan. We assure you the best party in Barcelona at The George Payne with Irish beers and lots of music.

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