Spring Break

The Spring Break is the better excuse to visit Barcelona and the best Irish Pub of the city, The George Payne.

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5 Signs that wants to flirt with you

If you are one of those who do not know if this girl is showing an interest in you, or is simply being kind, do yourself a favour and attend the following signs that will help you to distinguish situations

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Beer has effects on you that, whether you like it or not, will change you during the night. But, it all depends on the number of beers you drink ... Take a look and know it!

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Flirting in 90 seconds

Do you want to become a real casanova? The George Payne gives you the solution, learn how to flirt in 90 seconds in The George Payne, and enjoy your best night in Barcelona!

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The 5 Curious Uses of Beer

Do you think you know everything about beer? Surely not! Here we leave you the 5 uses that you could never think they would have apart from have a good party of The George Payne.

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