5 characters you did not know were Irish - 04 August

Would you say you know some character who is Irish? Surely yes! Even if you are not aware of it, we present you 5 famous Irish characters that you surely did not know they were!


  • U2. If you do not know the most famous rock band in the world, you're not from this planet. Recently they were in Dublin in concert, and the tickets sold out in a couple of hours. Bono, the singer, has a house in Dalkey, although he lives in the USA. Little more to say that you do not know about the submarine band.



  • Liam Neeson. Who does not know this actor from Northern Ireland. The action films go to him, although it has been seen in several papers to him like Batman, Rob Roy, Taken, Star Wars, etc. I would recommend Michael Collins if you want to know a little about Ireland's independence.


  • The Corrs: The Corrs brothers band (Andrea, Sharon, Caroline, and Jim) was famous during the early 90's, early 2000. Their style is a combination of traditional Irish music with pop and rock.


  • Pierce Brosnan. From agent 007 to El Sastre of Panama. This actor does not need presentation.



  • Jack Gleeson. The young king of Game of Thrones, Joffrey, well-known by the series. Study at Trinity College. He is from Cork and although he seems very young in the series, he is 24 years old



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