5 Signs that wants to flirt with you - 17 March

If you are one of those who do not know if this girl is showing an interest in you, or is simply being kind, do yourself a favour and attend the following signs that will help you to distinguish situations:


1. Physical contact

If you are interested, you will come and look for an excuse to keep in touch with you. Either because he wants to steal a pint or an Irish beer. It will approach and be located at short distances to maintain conversation.


2. Watch your lips

The lips of the women are a faithful reflection of their intentions. If you do not have it clear but you see that you bite them, you get them wet to drink is that it has interest. Look at them and see you watching them (even if you do not either, please, we want you to detect the signals, not the invadas). If she sees you notice her lips and starts to move them, to chew slower or drink more than the count ... the thing gets interesting for you.


3. Laughter

To make her laugh is the key. Come to her and be attentive to if she is happy what you say, if your conversations have a funny feeling you will notice. If you doubt if you just try to be nice and that's why you smile ... attentive to the other signs because if they coincide, there is interest.


4. Approaches

If you lean your body towards you while you are seated or at The George Payne bar, do not doubt that it is because he wants to see you more closely and interest you. This inclination indicates that we are more receptive to what the other person is going to offer us. But be careful, if you pull back, cover your face or put your arms in front of your body, is that your attitude is not the interest we are looking for.


5. The look

Look at it steadily and do not look away. If you see that you do not feel uncomfortable, it is that you have already exceeded the socially acceptable limits and undoubtedly, is interested in you and give you a kiss at a time. The final test is ... if you can look at them without her looking away for a long time, love is in the air!


Now that you know all this, you are ready to visit us.


Write it! The George Payne, Barcelona's best Irish beer bar. We wait for you with the doors open so that you demonstrate that you have done your homework and tonight you will not go home with the underarm arms.

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