Beer has effects on you that, whether you like it or not, will change you during the night. But, it all depends on the number of beers you drink ...


First beer: relax, take it easy!

Perfect to start breaking the ice! It's the moment you sit down, order your first beer of the night and you start to relax and disconnect. It will help you reduce social anxiety and you will start to rejoice to see your evening colleagues who owe you and you are going to charge them for Irish beers on The George Payne.


Second round: Get off your hair!

Suddenly you start to be sociable and develop your conversational skills by approaching others and commenting on things that only 2 beers can comment on.


The third is defeated: joy, joy!

The concentration is overrated, so do not worry, continue to drink that in the third round you will notice how the joy fills you and the concentration begins to fail. Now, it's the moment when you get pissed off and tell your roommate that he's seen you in compromised situations, that he's your best friend. Come on, do not be stale!


A fourth will not hurt anyone ...

When you take the fourth beer you enter what we call: "state of invisibility".

You think you are going well and you feel confident about yourself (although not so much as to get on the bar ... give yourself time). But it's not like that. For the rest of the pub, you're drunk. So, as advice ... if you do not want to be Trending Topic tonight, control the adrenaline of alcohol and make sure it is not disastrous.


5 beers ...

And as you can not keep your composure in that fifth beer, dream is what you will get. Do not stay still, but do not give the note either. Your coordination and concentration will be disastrous so ... keep it in mind.


From here ... if you want to have the sixth, seventh or endless beer of the night, we wait for you at The George Payne with a menu of the best Irish beers in Barcelona, ​​so you can vary in sensations.

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