6 types of kisses to practice tonight at TGP! - 14 April

Sheril Kirshenbaum, a scientist at the University of Texas, is the experience in chemistry when one person's lips join with another. Thanks to your research and we'll give you 6 types of kisses so you can surprise and practice tonight at your Irish bar, The George Payne.

1. The kiss on the cheek

It may seem like a child's play, but that child's play, it works. More start for something simple than trying on James Bond kisses and ending with a Martini in the face ... A kiss on the cheek will reflect friendship, affection and respect.

2. A kiss with the mouth closed

The commonly called: peak. They are kisses that reflect that the samples interest the other person but are not at all comfortable. Same give another drink a beer, help the two disinhibitions.

3. French Kiss

It is a kiss that tells us that we want to know more about the other person and, above all, we want to continue to know her. Couples who find themselves with the tongue are shown to want to explore even more what the other can bring.

4. Bite Kiss

A kiss with a small bite is full of mischief and is characteristic of naughty or passionate people. Probably couples who have been so have a healthy or even athletic sex life. In addition, if done with care and control, a little bit of possible damage even more exciting.

5. Saliva exchange kiss

There are not only beer swallowers, but if the person with what you really are attracted to, let the sexual power seize your kisses and the exchange of fluids will lead them to end up naked in the bed where the platter.

So much so, we hope these kisses will help a triumph tonight in our bar. The Irish, while enjoying good beers, good company and of course ... good kisses!

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