ARE YOU READY FOR XMAS 2018? - 15 November

Are you ready for the Best Christmas of your life?
The funniest and craziest parties of Barcelona are celebrate in The George Payne, the finnest Pub of Barcelona, so, if you don't want a classic, traditional and boring Christmas time, you have to come to The George Payne and have a shots by the Grinch's honour.
The George Payne will be opened for your enjoy. Will have xmas decoration and the always disponible  menu of burgers, tacos, nachos, ribs, irish breakfast etc etc etc.
And however if you don't need the best snacks of Barcelona, you can drink at The George Payne the best imported beers. 
And we can't forget the jewel in the crown, the always disponible to you, THE BLACKOUT TRAY!!!
We meet you at The George Payne!!!

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