Barcelona Christmas 2017 - 28 November

Barcelona has many things to do at Christmas including Christmas fairs, Christmas markets, concerts, nativitiy scenes and circus and fun-fairs.

In the Catalan language we say 'Merry Christmas and Happy New Year' like this: 'Bon Nadal i Feliç Any Nou' And in Spanish language (Castellano) we say 'Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo'. 

In Barcelona and Spain we celebrate Christmas Day on 25th December (El dia de Nadal / El día de Navidad) with a Christmas lunch, but the biggest Christmas celebrations are on 5th and 6th of January, when the Three Kings (Tres Reis Mags) bring presents for the children.

Guide to Barcelona Christmas traditions. 

❄  La Misa Del Gallo - Midnight Mass 
❄  The Reyes Magos Parade Barcelona 
❄  El Pessebre / belén - crib nativity scene 
❄  El Caganer - the 'Christmas crapper'
❄  Tió de Nadal - The Christmas log 
❄  L’Home dels Nassos – The Noses Manç


Barcelona Christmas food

Food Traditions. What do they eat at Christmas in Barcelona Spain? A typical Christmas dish is 'Escudella i carn d'olla'. This is a tasty bowl (escudella means bowl) of pasta shells 'galets' in a meat and vegetable stew or soup. Another typical Catalan Christmas dish is the delicious 'carn d'olla'  which is a meat dish of stuffed capon or turkey. A typical Christmas dessert in Spain and Barceona is 'turrón,' which is on sale at Christmas markets and supermarkets everywhere in Barcelona. 

Traditional turrón is nougat made with almonds, hazelnuts and honey. Turrón now comes is many delicious varieties. 

Christmas bread in Catalonia is called 'El Pa de Nadal' and is sold all over Barcelona at bakeries and supermarkets. 

Not all Barcelona restaurants are open at Christmas. Generally the bigger restaurants and hotel restaurants are open for Christmas,obviously, The George Payne will be open for you!

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