Brown or blond? Differences between brown and blond beer - 11 August

Are you more of a brunette or a blonde? We tell you 3 key differences of the brown and blond beers that you probably did not know!


1. The elaboration

The Guinness Draft is a stout type beer, made from "mostly malted cereals with an exaggerated degree of roasting. On the other hand the lagers are a completely different roll, the cereals can be "malted or without malting" and in their fermentation are used other yeasts.


2. The glass

Why Guinness is always served in pint and instead in Spain throw most of our lagers in cane or glass? Guinness is served in pint by an essentially traditional question, "in Ireland the use of pint as a unit of measure in the beer glass has been maintained, and for that reason it is served in a pint (or pint) in all places "Explains Francisco Ferrete Alcobet, member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Beer and Malta Technicians (AETCM). In the case of Spanish lagers thrown in cane, third or served in bottle of 20cl the explanation could be more cultural, "I think it is because of our climate and consumption habits. With those formats we avoided getting the beer warm up, "says Carlos Gómez.


3. The occasion

If you think about the perfect occasion to drink a beer, your answer is likely to be at all times ...

However, in countries like Ireland "it is not customary to drink the same beer at all times". The Guinness Draft is ideal "for the bar and snacking, the equivalent of our appetizer". But if what we want is a good Irish drink for lunch or the evening-night chooses "Original Guinness, more corpulent and complex ideal to accompany dishes in the food".


Of course, whatever your favorite Irish beer, we have it in TGP! We are waiting for you with an extensive menu of brown and blond beers for tastes, colors! 

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