Guinness beer is not black, it's red! - 29 September

Guinness wherever you go, they'll tell you it's a black beer, but ... is that true? We tell you!

Grab your glass when you're at the TGP bar and test your Guinness beer well. It is not what you are thinking!

Guinness beer at first seems black, but if we look at it in detail, we will see that it is actually a deep brown that resembles chocolate. So, no! It is not black, not even brown. Actually, Guinness beer is red.

It is a fact that confirms to the Guinness website and you can see when serving the beer in a glass and give it light, it is checked its ruby ​​red color.

This red color is due to the way in which barley is roasted during processing.

Still, if you still see her black, do not worry. Come to the bar of the best Irish bar in Barcelona, ​​The George Payne, and ask how many beers you need to start seeing it red! We will serve you delighted so that the party does not stop!

We wait for you!

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