La Mercé 2018 Barcelona - 13 September

The MAJOR HOLIDAYS have arrived in the city of Barcelona.
The Major Festivals of Barcelona are the biggest parties that are celebrated throughout the city. You can find events such as concerts, food trucks, traditional dances, castellers, street theater and a long etcetera of fun activities throughout the city.
If you do not want to miss out on the best events, here is the top of the best events of the Barcelona festivities:

Mercè BAM music festival
The Mercè 2018 BAM music festival (Barcelona Acción Musica) 26th edition of BAM festival. BAM is an annual indie music festival which takes place as part of the Mercè Festival in Barcelona. All BAM festival concerts are outdoor and free. One of the highlights of BAM music festival are concerts at the Antiga fàbrica d'Estrella Damm in Eixample area of Barcelona on Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th September 2018. See BAM18 programme and BAM concert venues below:

Plaça dels Àngels - Raval area MACBA museum
Plaça de Joan Coromines - Raval area in CCCB cultural centre
Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm - Eixample area
Sala Apolo - night club in Poble Sec area 
Rambla de Raval - in Raval área

Mercé Sardanes dancing
Date: Friday 22nd September 2018
Activity: Sardanes inaugurals 
Time:  7pm - 19:00 
Where: Av. de la Cathedral in front of Barcelona Cathedral 
Nearest metro station: Jaume I station on yellow line L4
What is it? Sardanes is the traditional folk dancing of Catalunya. The 'cobla' is the band that plays for the Sardana dancers.

Mercè Correfocs- Fire runs
Date: Saturday 23rd September 2018
Activity: Firerun - Correfoc de la Mercè -Porta de l´Infern 
Time: 20:00 - 8pm
Where: Starts at Plaça d'Antoni Maura then down Via Laietana street to end at Plaça d'Antonio López
Nearest Metro station: Jaume I station on yellow line L4
What is it? The Correfoc de la Mercè is one of the most popular events of La Merce with up to 70.000 spectators. About forty groups of 'colles de diables' - 'groups of devils' from in and around Barcelona, as well as dragons and other 'bestiari de foc' -  fire beasts - take part in this festival of fire. 

The legend of correfoc is that the Mascle Cabró (Catalan) or Macho Cabrón in Spanish - a male goat or ram in English - hears the arrival of the 'diables' devils. He commands his armies to cross through the gates of hell called 'Porta de l´Infern' which separates the real world from hell. 

At the end of the correfoc firerun the devils are sent back into hell. About 80.000 firecrackers are used during the Merce correfoc so it is a good idea to take some basic correfoc safety precautions about practical clothes to wear for a correfoc. Ear plugs are a very good idea or put some tissue paper in your ears, because it's very noisy.  

Mercè Castellers- Human Tower building
Date:  Saturday 23rd September 2018
Activity: Diada castellera històrica de la Mercè - Parade and human towers display
Time: 12:00
Where: Plaça de Sant Jaume in Gothic area
Nearest Metro station: Jaume I on yellow line L4
What is it? Historic Mercè castell human tower display at Plaça de Sant Jaume in Gothic quarter.


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