Music affects the taste of beer. - 08 October

Why do some beers know us better than others, even if they are from the same brand? Well, sometimes, it could be due to the music that is playing at the time we take them. This is revealed by the results of a study conducted by Felipe Carvalho, a researcher at Vrije Universiteit in Brussels.

The volunteers who collaborated in this research participated in an experiment in which they were asked to drink several beers while listening to three different types of musical melodies. The first was a theme in the style of those who sound in the Walt Disney films; the second, a melody with sharp and discordant sounds (of the style of music that sounds in Psycho's shower scene); and the third, a jazz theme with a lot of percussion.

And the result was that the volunteers knew the sweetest beer when they heard the theme of Disney, more sour with the sharp melody and more bitter with jazz. The experiment was carried out with different types of beers and the results were always similar, regardless of the components of each drink.

The experiment shows that the sensations that we have when we drink a drink are conditioned by subjective factors, and can serve the locals so that they elaborate the soundtrack that the clients will listen to, in order to make the experience more pleasant.

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