St Patricks Day at The George Payne - 13 March

St Patricks day at The George Payne is sensational, here we have suggested of how celebrating this special Irish party. So do not think twice, prepare your green clothes and celebrate St. Patrick's Day as one more Irish!

At The George Payne you will Enter fully into the festive Irish atmosphere enjoying a Guiness and toasting for Saint Patrick! 
With all the pub decorated in green and dozens of Irish singing the popular songs of your country, in few places you will live the authentic experience of celebrating Saint Patrick's Day as in this pub of the city.
 The biggest Irish Pub of Barcelona full of atmosphere with a great range of British beers.

In the george payne you will enjoy your best st patricks day with many gifts, prizes and ... lots, lots of beer and the best music played by our dj

And remember, at The George Payne, the party never ends!

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