The 5 Curious Uses of Beer - 17 February

Do you think you know everything about beer? Surely not! Here we leave you the 5 uses that you could never think they would have apart from have a good party of The George Payne.


1. Clean & clean

You have that last drink hotter than the lava of Mordor and you have zero desire to drink it. Do not throw it away! Use beer to polish metal utensils or silver jewelry that have darkened. They will look shiny! Thanks to its composition, the beer manages to shine and regain their color.

2. Brilliant hair

Beer is a drink rich in vitamin B and natural sugars, so, you know, throw a glass over your hair. Yes, as you hear. Throw the beer over your head (and try not to drink it, it does not work if you do it and we know each other!). Let it sit for 5 minutes, rinse it with cold water and voila. Hair brighter than the Barcelona sun in spring.

3. Stains of the party of the previous night

That shirt you love so much. Yes, this one which you always use to flirt and that begins to sing that has stains between the buttons. Do not worry, the beer will save you from this! Remove stains that never disappear with a glass of beer on a sponge, rub and ready. The rest you have left you can drink it and you are ready for your next lover, champion.

4. Medications? No thanks, with a beer, I'm worth it.

You would never have thought that beer could be so good for your health. The tricky thing is to make a moderate consumption, but ... if you get it you can fight insomnia, headaches, throat, stomach. Come on, it's an angel! But remember, moderately.

5. Goodbye insects

Do you hate bugs? Nothing happens. Beer is a combination of ingredients that turns into an explosive cocktail against the odious flies. Take your beer and put it in a glass covered with film paper, pierce it and put it near the fruit. You will be able to repel all the insects that bother you while you eat.


So you already know. Being a brewer has its pros. You'll have nice hair, clean cutlery, no headaches, insects away and your favorite flawless shirt. All you have to do is worry about getting a good George Payne party with the best Irish beers in Barcelona. We will wait for you!

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