The best Beyoncé-karaoke in Barcelona - 10 July

On the occasion of the next concert of Beyoncé and Jay Z we have made a top with the best songs of Beyoncé to sing in the best karaoke in Barcelona, in The George Payne.

And for those of you who are going to see the Beyoncé show, know that when The George Payne ends it will still be open for you.

Serenade bae with this one — or just sing it to your friends.

“Love on top”

"Single Ladies" shouldn't be the only Bey song that earns your karaoke love.

“Single Ladies”

Everyone will love singing (and dancing) to this one, even the guys.

“Drunk in Love” by Jay-Z and Beyonce

Sure, it's a duet, but really you know who's wearing the pants (or at least, tiny underpants) here: This is Yoncé's joint, from its trap beats and shuddering subterranean bassline to the singer's febrile, sometimes cartoonish vocals ("grainin' on that wood"). Select this song for karaoke, and be prepared to go the distance with its delivery: not recommended for work parties.—Sophie Harris

“Say My Name” Destiny’s Child

For an R&B song boasting amazing female vocalists (including, you know, Beyoncé), “Say My Name” doesn’t require all that big a singing range. What it does need, however, is some pretty fast talking. To impress the rest of the bar, make sure you got the lyrics on lock—or maybe the support of your personal Kelly Rowland, Letoya Luckett and LaTavia Robertson.—Tolly Wright


Of course Queen B made the list. Of course it's Listen. You want to know why? Well, because by the time we've finished attempting (and failing) to hit the right notes in this track, nobody will want to listen.

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