The best job of the world - 02 October

Wheat, malt, hops ... if these words are your day to day means that beer occupies a very important part of your life. And if you ever dreamed of being able to make an economic profit from your love for the tantrum, there is an English company that is looking for you. It is called Meantime Brewing Company, located in London and has just launched an offer on Linkedin in which they look for "beer lovers who want to make a living tasting new and innovative beers."

More important details about this offer? You should speak good English, be honest with your opinions, be able to write good reports and, of course, be an expert who knows what is the IPA, the dark malt or the Fuggles.

In addition, it is a part-time job, so you can combine it with other tasks. "Yes, this could be the best job in the world," they say from the brewing company. Who dares to apply?

Until then, we invite you to prepare for this job with a great selection of beers at the best Irish pub in Barcelona, ​​The George Payne.

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