The best live music at The George Payne - 08 June

A lively music venue and lounge is the finest place to be every night of the week for live music. Music is a wonderful gift of life, and almost everyone likes to go to a live music concert at least once in their lifetime. What could be better than having a delicious meal while enjoying a live show?

Not only music keeps your staff & visitors entertained but also improves your productivity and boosts sales. Recent research shows that people like visiting live music restaurants more rather than the ones where normal music is played. Here are a couple of reasons that will explain the importance of music in your bar, pub, or restaurant.

Your guests might feel like they are on top of the world

Listening to music, after a long and tiring day causes our brain to release dopamine (a chemical that affects your emotions and sensation). That’s why whenever we listen to an excellent rhythm or one of our favorite songs, we feel like dancing. It has the power to calm the nerves, release the stress, and penetrate the soul. Whether you are sad, anxious, or depressed, it can help you to chase all the blues away.

It Draws People Together To Uplift Them Emotionally

Did you ever spot a couple having a heated exchange in your restaurant, and you could hear nothing but their shouts and screams? In this scenario, music can be used as an instrument of peace. Turn on some music as it can modify your brain waves. It not only changes your present temperament but can also alter your future mood as well. Also, it has the power to draw millions of people from around the globe and uplift them emotionally.

Live Music promotes a better dining experience

Not only the song itself, but also the music venue or lounge, the stage, and the lights are responsible for making an event a massive success. While many people visit their favorite restaurant or bar to enjoy a regular meal with family, some head out to listen to live music and have a chilled beer with friends. But how many consciously decide to combine the two, though? Research shows that music is a great medium to improve your relationship with food. It also influences our behavior; soothing and relaxing music help to create a professional vibe and inspire polite conversation among people.

Music creates a lovely ambiance in the bar or restaurant

The minute you walk into any restaurant, three of your five senses are instantly engaged – sight, smell, and sound. Hosting live music in your restaurant will encourage your visitors to stay longer and visit more often. Also, it is a great way to bring more customers and revenue to your business. If you have already set a good playlist, then give your customers something new to enjoy by changing your entertainment routine with the live concert. Almost all bars or eateries agree to the fact that live events create a better atmosphere for the guests. Surveys revealed that higher sound levels of music lead to more drink (alcohol, cocktails, mocktails, or any other type of beverages) consumption. That’s the reason why many businesspersons book a famous entertainment band to increase their profit by sailing different types of beverages to their guests.

The George Payne hosts various types of live music events.

So, get ready to kick back on the next concert of live music at The George Payne. Watch the live music event, matches, play games, and have a taste of the best burgers of Barcelona!

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