The best Saint Patrick's day in Barcelona - 06 March

We are already in the month of March and winter is behind to make way for spring.
On the 17th Saint Patrick's Day, or what is the same, on Saint Patrick's Day, patron saint of the Irish and of the numerous descendants of families in this country. It is estimated that there are 60 million in the world, so the day is lived well beyond the island with streets stained green and parades. This weekend the popular party will also be lived intensely in Barcelona with art, music, sport and Irish culture.
One of the options to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day is to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an Irish pub. The George Payne venue in Barcelona, ​​in the Plaza de Urquinaona, 5, has organized different activities to celebrate this day.
Few places like The George Payne to find the pure Irish essence, where almost everything is celebrated with beer (lots of beer); dark, thick and with a flavor that balances chocolate notes and coffee, with a rich bitterness. If there is anything associated with Ireland - in addition to leprechaun (redheaded elves) and clubs - it is beer. And in San Patricio, in some bars, they get literally green. If you like beer, you already have an excuse to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. And, what better way to celebrate this day than by taking a pint in one of the best Irish pubs in Barcelona, ​​The George Payne, mixing with Irish people and singing popular songs.

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