The first beer with a vagina taste - 14 February

The dream of many men around the world comes true. The first beer with a vagina flavour arrives that could revolutionize the market.

A Polish company has wanted to be very original with the beer market and a very special Lager Pilsen. Black and yes, gentlemen, with a vagina taste.

The company has revealed that its chosen girl is the spectacular model Alexandra Brendlova, which in addition to being the taste of this beer, is its promotional image of the first vaginal beer on the market.

The idea of ​​launching this beer has been a much-debated topic in social networks and media, including the video they have explaining the proposal. Yoni, the vaginal beer, wants to get the 150,000 euros of collection she needs thanks to her crowd funding campaign.

All in all, the company that created the world's first beer with vagina flavour explains that if they manage to massif the launch of Yoni, they could even begin to customize the beers with the "own tastes of your partner or your own." Would it be a good gift for a Valentine´s Day do not you think?

There are many opinions regarding this new news but in The George Payne we think for tastes, colours. Or rather ... flavours! Right?

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