Top three Beer, Ham and Paella! - 05 November

That's! Spain has received this summer more than 20 million tourists from around the world who have ventured to know more about our country and visit our cities.

The survey prepared by Madison Market Research for Brewers of Spain has revealed to us, among many other things, that ham, paella and beer have been the products that have the best taste in our mouths, and ... who does not? ! And is that each and every one of the interviewed have assured that they would return to Spain yes or yes.

We all know how attractive Spain is for tourists: our museums, our beaches, our bars, the little streets that surround the provincial capitals, the squares in the sun, our gastronomy and the perfect temperatures to go for a walk. That is why we are not surprised that both the Prado Museum, the Royal Palace and the Reina Sofía Museum have been the monuments chosen as favorites by our visitors, which by the way, have increased by 7% compared to other years.


What will they think of our cuisine?

38% of tourists surveyed agree that summer in Spain tastes better with a good plate of ham. Nor have they been able to resist paella (13%), squid and squid (8%) or patatas bravas (8%).

As good brewers, we want to know what they think of our favorite drink those who choose Spain as a destination for their holidays and ... the results speak for themselves! The queen of summer for tourists is beer (40%). In addition, 52% have said that their favorite place to enjoy our cuisine is the terrace. How do these tourists know?

We also find it very interesting that, depending on where our visitors come from, they prefer some tapas to others. Asians have surrendered to the charms of popular croquettes (12%), but surely they have not had the pleasure of savoring those of our grandmothers;). As for the Americans (16%) opt for paella, while European tourists have conquered the patatas bravas (12%).

As we mentioned in the previous post, despite the fact that autumn arrives full of flashes, we all know that summer is the perfect time to explore traveling. What do the tourists think? As it turns out, the main reasons to come to Spain are to know new cities (36%), monuments and architecture (23%) and beaches (18%). The gastronomic offer is also particularly attractive, and that is that 10% of the youngest tourists, between 18 and 30 years old, choose it as their main objective to come to the country.

But in what the majority agrees (and we will not be less), is that beer is the best ally to combat the heat and cool off during the grueling days of tourism.

According to the latest data from the Socioeconomic Report, in 2016 beer production and consumption in Spain grew by 4.3% and 3%, respectively, driven by the increase in tourism.

These data demonstrate the connection between tourism and beer in Spain. In fact, it is no coincidence that the majority of tourists who visited Spain in 2016 came from the United Kingdom (12%), France (7%) and Germany (6%), traditionally brewing countries.

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