Voucher - How does it works? - 10 July

Why do we charge an entrance fee?

On days where we expect a higher influx of people than usual, we charge a €10 entry fee in exchange for a voucher of the same value, to use in any of our bars.

This vocuher is implemented to better control the capacity of the premises these days.

How does the voucher work?

You can use the voucher for one product or promotion up to €10

If you order a product of lower value, no change will be given.

If you order a product higher than €10, you will only pay the difference.

If you order a product of the same value, you pay nothing.

The voucher does not guarantee a chair or table.

Multiple vouchers can not be used together to buy something of higher value.

Only one product can be ordered per voucher.

Now that you know how it works, make good use of it!

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