We don't hate hearing Christmas music as much as I hate hearing people complain about Christmas music. "It isn't even Thanksgiving/Halloween/Veteran's Day and they're already playing Christmas music at Kohls/Walgreens/Vintage Vinyl! The horror!"
We aren't defending the music of the Yuletide season, nor am I forgiving those who will abuse and overplay these songs in the coming month. But we personally don't see Christmas music as inherently offensive, or at least any worse than bad pop music heard the other eleven months out of the year. Thus, we wonder: why do people hate Christmas music so?

If you expected an answer other than "it's complicated," sorry. The best theory I can muster involves the relatively small number of universally recognized Christmas songs, a catalog of around forty entries. This is low, but not prohibitively low. Great artists have worked with less and produced amazing results, but few push themselves when it comes to Christmas music. If the sound of carols make you cringe, 'tis not the songs, but the artists who are to blame.

Perhaps the stigma of Christmas music is too thick to wade through. Perhaps "Hark!" reminds you of a sad December memory or brings up angry feelings about opportunistic capitalism, and no recording will ever sit well. If that's the case, you can blame your past, you can blame our society's commercialized view of the holidays, you can blame Rafael or Mariah Carey, but it's not the tune's fault.

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